Tara Fennessy

Managing Director, Leadership Skills Training Ltd

Tara Fennessy is an award winning author of the Leadership ‘WOW’ Factor. She is an accomplished, dynamic and client-driven professional offering 20 years of experience in leadership development coaching, personal impact coaching, advanced communication skills, promotion coaching and supporting leaders new to board positions.
Tara is known for her outstanding ability to give leaders empowerment to maximise their ability to communicate their messages authentically with clarity, confidence and courage.
Tara presents regularly throughout the year as a guest speaker at many corporate and conference events. She works with global leaders and their teams in large corporates including Tesco,
Warburtons, Accenture, EY, GSK and Carrefour. She was one of the first UK Master Coaches. The emphasis of her coaching is very much tailored to the needs of the individual within their
organisation. She does this by putting clients immediately at their ease, in a challenging yet friendly and helpful manner.
Tara is quickly able to focus on issues that need attention in order to help leaders achieve unprecedented levels of personal impact and performance. She created the industry known PULSE
programme specialising in helping leaders know their message and be their message.
She is lively, personable and insistent in getting the best out of her clients. She gives direct, honest and constructive feedback in a challenging and supportive environment that allows leaders to unleash their passion and potential.
Tara is passionate about simple communication, increasing confidence and the number three. She has three children, is currently training for a triathlon and learning to speak Spanish.
Tara’s coaching accreditations include:
Science of the Art of Coaching – Neurobehavioural Modelling – Coaching accreditation
The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants – Accredited Member
Master Coach Accreditation – The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants
Master Coach Accreditation – Coaching Standards Authority
Coaching at Work – Resilience Coaching Masterclass
Coaching at Work – Coaching through Menopause Masterclass
Professional Speaking Association – Accredited Member
Professional Speakers Academy – ACE coach