Tanya Obeng

Communication Doctor

Tanya Obeng is the Owner and Artistic Director of Lifted and Gifted Education. She has two hats, one as the owner of her business, and the other as Tanya the communication doctor, a  consultancy for developing positive communication in  the work place through mindfulness and growth mindset. Tanya has worked in education for 15 years teaching drama and dance. Her first experience was as an actress running workshops in Theatre in Education before working in mainstream secondary education teaching key stages 4-5.

In 2011  after the birth of her first child Tanya set up Lifted and Gifted Education. Tanya wanted to offer alternative ways of learning in mainstream school. She decided to focus on creating workshops that allowed children that come under the bracket of Special educational needs (SEN) to  feel included in workshops in mainstream education. During this journey she read books on psychology, studied personality types and looked at comparisons to dyslexia and entrepreneurship. Tanya is passionate about helping people to recognise neuro diversity and inclusion in society.

During the last year Tanya has been focusing on developing her brand as Tanya the communication doctor  She has developed two programs that help professionals to return to work after a long term absence. Her role is to inject more creative thinking and positive communication in the workplace. She helps companies prevent high levels of absenteeism through mindfulness and positive behaviour.

Tanya is very passionate about her work as The communication doctor. She has experienced her own challenges, through burnout and grief and recovered using her mindfulness tools. As a teacher and coach she uses her skills to help encourage positive behaviour and creativity in the workplace. For more information, visit: http://www.communicationdoctor.co.uk/

Tanya quotes

“A teacher who acknowledges everyone in the classroom, has a sense of humour, and has clear boundaries, immediately has the child’s attention”.