Suzanne MacDonald-Carr

Non-Exec Director & Business Coach

Suzanne commencement her business career in 1978 after studying Psychology and Business, in London and joined International Business Machines in HR management following her vocational ‘train the trainer’ training at Oxford’s Templeton College.  She subsequently moved into Sales and management career that spanned 14 years.

Having worked mainly in Europe at that time, Suzanne had the opportunity to work on a downsizing task force and she then took the opportunity to leave the corporate world, retrain as a teacher with teaching practice and  started her first business – a school for children with sense deprivation, which she successfully developed and sold.

Suzanne returned to the software industry and developed a reputation for working with very new technology software solutions, following her Executive MBA, Dallas, USA she became involved in a series of  business development roles from management, into directorships and VP Worldwide Sales and VP US operations. She is a registered Non-Exec Director.

Suzanne found her passion or CSR having studied law for an LLB (Hons) and an LLM more recently, and it was the optional modules of research into International law that led her to the world of CSR and Human Rights.

Suzanne is an experienced, accredited, award winning business coach with six client in the NWES Future 50 businesses to watch this year (2018) and has incorporated CSR to the USP of The Business Coaching Mentoring and Training Centre (, as CSR becomes congruent and more widely understood and implemented in the Corporate and SME sectors. In 2017 Suzanne sponsored the CSR Category at the East Anglian Business Awards and received three times the awards entries than on previous years.