Rosa dos Santos

Recruitment Specialist and MD – Career Coach, Exact Sourcing

Rosa, MD of Exact Sourcing started the firm eight years ago where she actively works with her team to identify and recruit staff for growing organisations in Cambridgeshire region.

Rosa has worked in client facing roles for over twenty years and recruitment for just over half of that. Her roles have always focused around client engagement, building trust, relationships and identifying opportunities. It was these skills that she arrived with in the UK, that, along with a bag full of clothes, accommodation for four weeks and a lot of dreams.

The road to now hasn’t been without its challenges but it makes a great story of discovering her true passion and dream; to help others, to build a business and to become a mother which she became two years ago to twins, Orson and Heath.

I have always been really passionate about helping others and for me that is the main motivator in my day to day business. More recently the push and pull of family and business has been very testing personally.

The Rising Festival will hopefully enable me to help others believe that through adversity and even in the darkest of places you can come out shining on the other side.