Naily Makangu

Leadership and Management Coach, Athena Leaders

Starting as a Software Engineer at Siemens Industry Software, Naily Makangu carved her own path into Interim Management, Leadership and is an award-winning Trainer.
Just like Mary Poppins, Naily descends on an organisation in turmoil to “Turn your life and workplace into a playground”. Naily has a proven track record of turning around struggling organisations and complex software projects. She once took an organisation from the brink of closure to winning 5 awards in less than a year. Some of the awards included “Most Outstanding Leader” and “Best Trainer” in the UK, and “Best Local Growth & Development Program” in Europe.
Having worked in STEM for several years, Naily understands first-hand the leadership challenges faced within the industry. As she has for other clients, Naily will bring more clarity and structure to your processes, deal with your challenges, deliver tangible results, empower your team and support a positive culture.
When the time comes for Naily to fly away and hand you back the keys, she will have transformed your organisation and instilled a leadership mindset. You will be able to sleep better knowing that your challenges have been handled.
Her passion for supporting the development of leaders in STEM led her to creating the Athena Managers Mastermind. She is also working on a series of inspirational talks “From Coding Computers to Decoding People”.
When she’s not working, Naily loves salsa and sport, mostly Tennis and Boxing. She is more than happy to grab a virtual coffee or play tennis with you.