Laura Carter-Penman

Regional Lead Nurse, Bourn Hall Clinic

Laura Carter-Penman qualified as a nurse at the University of East Anglia in 1996. She Joined Bourn Hall in April 2011 and was promoted to the role of Lead Nurse at Cambridge in 2013 and to Regional Lead Nurse for our Cambridge and Norfolk clinics in 2017.
Laura is keen to ensure that the nursing teams across the region continue to provide the highest standards of care that they are well known for and to champion continuous improvements in working practices and procedures.She can advise patients on the impact of age on fertility, what people can do to boost their natural fertility, what fertility testing can tell you (and what it can’t) and options for single women/same-sex couples.

Bourn Hall Clinic is the world’s first and best-known assisted conception clinic and was established nearly 40 years ago by Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards and Jean Purdy, the pioneers of IVF.
Through innovative thinking and patient centred care the clinic maintains a leading role in the field. Only a small number of people require IVF and there are many ways to boost and augment natural fertility, so good advice is essential for those wanting to get pregnant. Bourn Hall offers fertility advice, testing and treatment in a supportive environment.