Katherine Wiid

Career Management Coach, Language and Behavioural Expert

Katherine’s fascination with what makes us tick at work grew out of her university studies in Humanities and a successful career in recruitment, marketing and public relations.

She believes the essential ingredient to successful recruitment, retention and career management is  motivation. She coaches individuals to be consciously aware of what drives them, how they process information and make decisions. Knowing this allows us to make the right career choices.

Katherine works with her clients to pinpoint their motivation in the specific context of work, using a psycho linguistic conversational tool, the Language and Behavioural (LAB) Profile. They don’t get ‘labelled’ or ‘put into a box’. Instead, they become very clear on their ideal work environment and how they can operate at peak performance.

Trusted and experienced, Katherine’s coaching is thought provoking and facilitates awareness and understanding of differences in people in a non-judgmental way. She uses this approach to resolve workplace situations, build improved communication and trust and coach professionals on their careers.