Katherine Ahluwalia

Domestic Abuse Consultant, Trainer, Public Speaker and Campaigner, Lighthouse Women’s Aid

I work Lighthouse Women’s Aid as the Lead Trainer responsible for delivering:

  • DA in the Workplace to Corporates
  • DA Awareness to Agencies and Charities
  • Expect Respect, our Healthy Relationship Programme for children and young people. I have delivered this to over 6,500 Children and Young People in Suffolk.
  • Our comprehensive in-house Training for all staff and volunteers

I am the Chair of the Ipswich DA Forum (IDAF) as well as sitting on several National and Local DA Forums covering DA and Mental Health and Well-being .I also have experience of sitting on local Domestic Homicide Reviews and sit on the DA Scrutiny Panel. I regularly speak on radio and other public platforms on the subject of Domestic abuse and the impacts of this hidden pandemic as part of my work I undertake extensive research and development

My passions include:

Lifelong learning and the power to inform, educate and change lives.
Empowering women though education to make informed decisions and improve their life skills, for example, confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness and the power of peer support.
Putting the voice of the DA victim and survivor at the center of all our services and respecting their perspective of the expert by experience not just the expert by profession.
Staff and Service User well-being by educating them on mental health and the impacts of trauma as well as promoting self-awareness and self-care
A co-ordinated response to DA with partnership working.


My career started in corporate marketing, PR and event management in the City. I then moved into Concert Management, Adult Education in parenting, counselling and well-being, Antenatal Teaching, Bereavement Counselling, Success Mentoring and then finally the forum of DA.