Juliet Adams FCIPD

Author, Coach & Director of A Head for Work

Juliet Adams is Director of ‘A Head for Work’. She specialises in Leadership and Workplace productivity, helping individuals and their organisations thrive in times of change and uncertainty. She is a major driving force for mindfulness in the workplace internationally, recently delivering workshops and keynotes in the UK, Netherlands, USA and China.

Juliet has been working in the field of leadership and organisational development for the last 25 years. Juliet’s unique approach is based on the latest neuroscience, leadership and intention research findings. Her passion is transforming the way individuals and organisations think, behave, and perform. Mindfulness is at the heart of her work due to its effectiveness in increasing awareness of behaviour and mind-sets – providing the foundation for lasting behaviour change.

Her best selling books, master classes, and workshops have helped thousands of people across the world to focus their attention, manage their minds, and discover new, more effective ways of living and working.