Jennifer Mullucks

Home Search Consultant, Garrington Property Finders

Jennifer is part of Garrington Property Finders buying team and covers the East of England, in particular Cambridge(shire), whilst combining this with relocation services. She is passionate about helping her clients not only find the perfect home, but also advising on the lifestyle that comes with it.

She is fluent in Dutch and speaks several other languages including French and German. In her pass time she enjoys rowing, travelling and spending time with her young family.

It’s Jennifer’s moving journey that brings her to be a part of our ‘What’s Next…’ Open Conversation at the Rising Festival this year, here she shares it in her own words:

‘I met my husband Jonny at a wedding in 2006, we married in 2007 and by 2009 our beautiful son George was born. In October 2010 Jonny had died from cancer…..within four years I had become a wife, mother and widow.

Losing a loved one is very difficult, and I found myself in a situation where I needed to be there for my husband whilst also caring for our little baby plus working part time. I kept working as we needed the income, but I also needed my job to keep me sane in this distressing time. Jonny passed away just four days before our son’s first birthday. He spent his last days at the Arthur Rank Hospice where the amazing staff helped me and our family to deal with the grief and loss on many levels.  

Grief made me stronger, grateful for everything and appreciate the smaller things in life like health. My motto has always been that as Jonny wanted to live so badly, I owe it to him to live life to the fullest on his behalf.’