Jaspreet Kaur

Spoken Word Artist, Poet and Writer, Behind the Netra

Jaspreet Kaur, better known as Behind the Netra for her poetry, is an award-winning Spoken Word Artist and History teacher from East London focused on sharing her thoughts on gender issues, mental health stigma, historical topics and positive social change. Jaspreet actively works with national governments, corporations and charities alike, such as TED, Westminster Interfaith Council and Action for Children, using her poetry to inspire and drive change.

Title of talk: ‘The Power of Poetry with Behind the Netra’
Did you ever think that poetry could be used to tackle injustice? Gender discrimination? Racism? Mental health stigma? Well with the power of poetry, Jaspreet Kaur (aka Behind the Netra) does just that. With her powerful performances and award-winning poetry, she has been able to break down social barriers, improve mental wellbeing and provide a voice to some of the most difficult issues women are facing today.