Writer, Business and Sales Coach

Jan Cavelle is a Business coach specialising in working with other women to find happiness and success. Jan says: “I have several decades of entrepreneurship behind me, founding businesses in a wide range of sectors, so I can bring a hands-on experience to the table as a business coach. Prior to that, I worked in sales and have won national sales awards as well as entrepreneurial ones. However, later in my career as an entrepreneur, it dawned on me that I was doing everything because I felt I should, rather than because it was making me happy. I had zero work life balance, suffered from regular bouts of depression, and was generally totally miserable. After a serious lot of thought, I extracted myself from those businesses, re-vamped my own life and committed to training as a life coach to add to my business knowledge. I now specialise in working with people to identify what really is going to make them authentically happy and set up strategic ways of achieving it. I also write for a variety of publications including Real Business.”