Dr. Isabelle Grote

Doctor of Natropathy – Health & Wellbeing Coach

After varied careers in gemstones/jewellery, cars, PR & journalism, Isabelle Grote started on the long path of qualifications to become the naturopathic doctor she is today. It started – and was supposed to finish with – remedial massage AND then she found that patients required more and more help. So another qualification was added and then another, until the whole person could be looked at “body, mind & soul” and given the appropriate help. This included going abroad for training (eg. the specialist scoliosis therapy and pain therapy), if it was not available in the UK. Finally in 2009, she qualified as a Doctor of Naturopathy.

For the last two years, Dr Grote has also done intensive treatments with patients, which means that they stay in-house and are cared for from nutrition through to bespoke treatment plans. Much like the spa course they have on the Continent.