Hilary McLellan

Organisational Behaviourist, Exec and Team Coach

Hilary is an Organisational Behaviourist, Executive and Team Coach.  Her clients work with her because they want to be their best self and feel fulfilled not only at work but also in life.  By building a strong sense of self through authenticity, resilience and emotional intelligence, Hilary’s approach provides the key ingredients of support, encouragement and fair (but firm) challenge upon the mental models, perceptions and experiences that influence us all.   Such fair but firm challenge, in a confidential setting, can be hard to find for leaders who are in senior roles and arguably ever more isolated from receiving safe but open and honest challenge.  Hilary adopts a style that, by using questioning and challenge, encourages clients to explore and develop their own solutions to the challenges they face.  She creates trust and rapport – often in the outdoors and natural settings – so clients can explore, discover and be curious about their self-critic, their values, beliefs and behavioural patterns.  Thereby bringing about the best solutions and experiences for themselves, their teams and their customers.