Helen Turner

Operations Manager, Fashion, John Lewis Cambridge

Helen Turner is an Operations Manager in John Lewis Cambridge, having strategic and operational responsibility for the fashion directorate in the shop.. She has enjoyed a 25-year career in the John Lewis Partnership, working in customer services leadership, recruitment and development, and commercial operations.

Helen will offer insights into how she developed a career in the constantly-changing retail environment while also starting and nurturing a growing family. She will describe her own personal journey to illustrate the benefits of following a non-linear career path in order to achieve work-life balance, and also how taking short-term changes of direction can deliver longer-term rewards. She will share the lessons she’s learned, particularly the importance of focusing on what you can do and what you can bring, rather than on any perceived skills gaps or limitations.

Passionate about being involved, Helen is a school governor and loves tennis, gin and anything from the 1980s.

Helen sees her involvement in the Festival as an opportunity to share experiences with and learn from others. She believes there is no right or wrong way, just your way to achieving balance and happiness for you.