Georgie Catling

Group Facilitator, Womb Meditation

With a Business and Sociology Degree, Post Graduate qualification in Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis and a background in Crisis Nursing, Georgie currently dedicates her time to supporting women in reconnecting to their natural feminine energy in order to manifest an abundant creative life. A diagnosis of cervical cancer fifteen years ago, aged 29, catalysed Georgie’s initiation into Sacred Feminine Arts. This profound moment in her personal history led her on a deep journey of self discovery including understanding how she had ‘pushed’ herself to constantly strive and achieve, resulting in ‘burn out’. This experience and subsequent training in a number of different healing modalities – focusing on female empowerment and healing such as a Sexological Bodywork, Womb Awakening and embracing a woman’s natural rhythmic cycle – enables Georgie to support women in dropping down from their heads into a more intuitive way of working and being in the world.