Dr Hai Hua (Helen) Zhang

Author, Speaker & Advisor

Besides working as an Author, Speaker & Advisor on China related matters, Helen teaches mindfulness classes and facilitates self-development workshops in both UK and China.

She was drawn to learn yoga, meditation and other tools from a very young age, and finds these tools essential in sustaining her through a whole host of personal and professional challenges and changes.

Mother of two teen age children, Helen moved between 3 continents with her family in the last twenty years (she grew up in Mainland China, migrated to Australia in the early 90’s for 8 years before moving to Cambridge in 2010).  She completed her doctoral study at the Cambridge University in 2015.

Also for over 20 years she has been speaking & providing professional advisory services between China & the world to help bridge cultural understanding, and has written several books about China and Chinese people (the best-selling book “Think Like Chinese” was co-authored with her partner in life Geoff Baker).

In search of her truth, Helen travels to India regularly to recharge & learn the art and science of various spiritual practices.  She shares her learning through teaching meditation classes, and experiential workshops that facilitate shifts, balance, creative and personal breakthroughs.