Sonja Kirschner

Leadership & Confidence Coach for Women
APower 3 – Coaching, Training & Mind Freedom®

Sonja Kirschner MA is founder of APOWER 3 – Coaching for Confidence, Business & Mind Freedom®. She is a qualified & accredited performance coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner with a DISC Personality Profiling Accreditation.

Sonja is passionate about bringing the best out of women in leadership roles and facilitates change through which women regain their natural confidence. She has been successfully coaching a great diversity of women leaders from organisations such as Raytheon, University of East Anglia, LPA Group Plc, Cobb, Springer Nature Digital and Joanne Webb Studio. Her love for this work has motivated her to create her personal mission of empowering women to be the best they can whilst feeling confident, authentic and remaining true to who they are.

Entrepreneurial by nature, and having set up her first business in her twenties, Sonja is also driven by bringing the best out of people in business. As a long standing key player in the growth of many businesses through multilingual communication, marketing and business development, Sonja has successfully coached and mentored a great diversity of starting-out and established entrepreneurs.

Sonja is also committed to helping people from different backgrounds to address their own self-defeating beliefs and behaviours which produce unsatisfactory results. She is passionate about helping people to unlock their true potential, increase their confidence and motivation so that their own performance in personal & professional life, and in business, feels good to them. She coaches people on confidence and personal performance in different areas including careers, relationships, long-term ambitions and weight loss with great success.

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