Alison Kindred-Byrne

Director – Parenting Coach, To the Moon and Back Fostering

Alison Kindred Byrne is the Co-founder of “To The Moon and Back Foster Care” which is based in Cambridge, serving Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. She has over twenty years experience of supporting and working with children, to overcome their adverse childhood experiences, as a frontline social worker, a writer of specialist child focused training courses and consultant to a wide range of public services and independent organisations linked to the supporting of children in care.
Alison’s interest in well-being and the impact of early childhood experiences in adulthood stems from her work with children who have experienced extreme abuse and neglect. She has seen first-hand how early traumatic experiences can impact both childhood and adulthood, resulting in the inability to sustain healthy relationships, making poor health choices, having low self-esteem and being unable to build strong support systems around one’s self.
Alison has been prominent in raising the profile of the adverse childhood experience study published in the 1990’s and its links to health issues in adulthood. She continues to raise the profile of the important work foster carers do in supporting children to overcome their trauma and enabling them to make the successful transition into adulthood. She is passionate about increasing foster carers knowledge and expertise in supporting children who have been removed from their families. She is a strong advocate of the use of mindfulness, coaching and peer support in promoting resilience in the work place.
Alison juggles her role at To The Moon and Back Foster Care with raising a young family. She is a school governor and a strong believer in supporting ones community.