Ali Smith

NLP Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Pilates Teacher & Speaker

Ali is an NLP practitioner, wellness coach, pilates teacher , speaker and creator of  ‘The ultimate 5 week sugar and stress buster solution’ 

Otherwise known as ‘The sugar and stress detox coach’ Ali is passionate about health and wellness and currently specialises in helping people to reduce refined sugar in their diet as well as offering solutions for stress management. Having come from a background where she trained and worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, her interest in health then led her to pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries where she worked for 8 years in a clinical nutrition role, liaising with dieticians and consultants within the NHS. 

After suffering from PTSD for many years, having survived a terrorist attack and the traumatic deaths of her brother and best friend in her early twenties, Ali developed a passion for helping other women who have experienced trauma. She went on to train as an NLP practitioner and coach and speaks about PTSD to raise awareness of the condition 

“NLP is the science of how we think and communicate with ourselves and others. It has helped me to understand how the brain responds to and deals with trauma”. This awareness proved to be the turning point for Ali in facilitating her healing as well as providing a highly effective coaching tool which she can now use to empower women to ‘find their new normal’.

Her current business involves teaching pilates, running online programs around nutrition and stress management as well as individual coaching sessions for women . Her one to one sessions will help you to identify key patterns and blocks in behaviour which may be keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forwards. Ali’s core values are integrity, trust and connection. She works with energy and empathy . 

“Ali always motivates you to feel better about yourself ”    Kerrie Louise