Adelle Shaw-Flach

Director, The Sweet Potato Consultancy

Adelle has spent over 30 years working at a senior level across health and higher-level education to improve wellbeing and prevent physical and mental ill-health of individuals, families and communities. She has worked with and within organisations to help implement strategies for change, supporting frontline staff and senior management. She carried out original research showing how teaching nurses the skills to look after their own wellbeing meant they experienced less stress and burn out so they could then care better for themselves, their clients and their colleagues.
Adelle has seen the impact of stress on people’s mental and physical health – lives and bodies ruined, with talent and experience lost from poor leadership and a lack of recognition of the importance of wellbeing both in an individual and organisational level.
People spend most of their life at work and so The Sweet Potato Consultancy’s focus is workplace wellbeing. Leaders have the greatest influence on wellbeing in the workplace – and so leaders are our primary focus. By helping leaders understand the research and neuroscience behind stress and wellbeing and the power of leadership they can influence sustainable change. This is done through leadership programmes and wellbeing supervision.