Our Story

Where it all began

The Rising Network came to life out of my own personal frustration when I was in search for a network for women back in December 2012. I was looking for a community where I could discuss all aspects of life, but I could only find industry and business networks and self-help groups.

I yearned for a positive and upbeat environment where I could meet a diverse group of women with different backgrounds and stories. I wanted a place where I could connect with like-minded women, share stories and discover my true self. I wanted to not only develop myself professionally and personally but improve my physical and emotional well-being. If you would like to learn more about my journey, you can read this Q&A.

I knew I wanted something different

The Rising Network was born in January 2013 out of my own personal need. I held my first informal meetup and I haven’t looked back since. Since 2013, we’ve held over 350+ face to face and online events that have brought together and helped thousands of women.

In 2017, we first held our flagship event The Rising Festival in March to celebrate International Women’s Day. Since then the festival has gone from strength to strength attracting hundreds of women from around the world and from all walks of life. The diverse backgrounds of our speakers and participants makes it an exciting festival where rich learnings and experiences are shared giving everyone a voice to discuss matters affecting women today.

As a woman, I feel so empowered when I’m in an enriching, nurturing and supportive environment where I can evolve professionally and personally, fuel my personal development and develop rich relationships and friendships.

It’s now time for all women realise their true potential. It is our time to create positive change in both our personal and professional lives, and to become agents of change. To create a better life for our self and for the lives of others. It all starts from within. Before we can create significant impact and make a real difference at home, in the workplace, socially and economically, we have to invest in ourselves.

Here at the Rising Network, we welcome all women. All ages, all backgrounds, and from any country around the world. I hope that this network provides women with the much needed space to discover our true potential.

To read more about my story check out ‘My Letter to You’ and ‘My Why’.

Lily Cheng, Founder, The Rising Network