Leyla Okhai is the Founder and Director of Diverse Minds UK Ltd, enabling organisations to create positively productive workplaces. She is a trained coach and mediator with over fourteen years’ experience in leading, developing, delivering and managing diversity, inclusion and equality practices. She delivers strategic programmes and initiatives, working closely with senior leadership teams to realise results. Previously responsible for embedding culture change in the world’s top universities, Imperial College and University of Oxford, Leyla leveraged increased positive working environments and enhance communication within teams.
Tuesday 9 January 2018 at 6:33pm

New Year, Same You-It’s cool.

Have you noticed that everyone, and I mean everyone is talk about new year’s resolutions this year?  This includes version of, such as goal-setting, redefining goals, intentions and sticking to your resolutions. Quite frankly, I find this all very exhausting and overwhelming. Do we really need to set ourselves stretching targets at the start of the year to achieve in twelve months’ time? Listening to the radio at the weekend, Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine was joking that by the fifth of  January most people have lapsed already or not quite begun their resolutions. However, can we achieve what we …