The Rising Network membership plans

Join the Rising Network and online community to have direct access to online resources, life tools and techniques. Discover self-development events, webinars, retreats, workshops and seminars, and have direct communication with other women who are interested in health and well-being, personal growth and development.

Become part of our community of women sharing life experiences and learning, the Rising community provides you with the space to evolve and to create new friendships in this hectic world we live in.

If you are looking to raise your profile and to promote your business then please get in touch.


Online Profile Only

Create your own online profile and access resources and blogs to drive your personal growth forward. Explore what events and workshops are available to you to kickstart your personal development and build your network by connecting with like-minded women who will inspire and empower you to achieve your goal. This level does not include a ticket to attend The Rising Festival in March.


£150 + VAT per annum

Invest in yourself, your future and your wellbeing. Unlock your true potential, harness your talents and break through self-limiting beliefs. This level offers you free to attend/member rates and the flexibility to pick and choose courses, workshops and events while making new connections. Ticket to attend The Rising Festival in March is included in this membership.


£480 + VAT per annum

You are a small business, entrepreneur, practitioner, coach, therapist or at the initial set-up or launch phase. Network with like-minded women and attend monthly events, workshops and networking events. Ticket to attend The Rising Festival in March is included in this membership. Not local? Join us to promote your business and online speaking opportunities available.


Bespoke (contact us)

‘Corporate, Medium to Large Enterprises’ – You are an organisation, university, charity or institution who support women, gender diversity and work life balance. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), raising the awareness of important causes, supporting gender….