The Rising Network Membership

Join the Rising Network today and connect with a community of 700+ like-minded women globally.

Do you want to connect with a diverse group of women from different backgrounds and industries? Do you want to develop yourself professionally and personally? Do you want help and support to overcome challenges or setbacks? Do you want promote your business, gain more clients and be seen as an inclusive talent brand? Do you want to raise your profile and expand your network?

Whether you’re in the early stages of your career, looking to break the glass ceiling, an entrepreneur or about to set up your own business, or navigating a change in your life, the Rising Network is here to support you to create lasting and meaningful change.

Through the network you will have access to experts, industry leaders and like-minded women who are committed towards advancing themselves both professionally and personally. Be in a supportive environment where you will have direct access to online resources, life tools and techniques plus have the opportunity to share your story, ask questions and gain feedback.

Become part of our community, the Rising Network provides you with the space to evolve, thrive and to create new friendships.


Online Profile Only

Create your own online profile and access resources and blogs to drive your personal growth forward. This level does not include catch up recorded videos of online events. Explore what events and workshops are available to you to kick-start your personal development and build your network by connecting with like-minded women who will inspire and empower you to achieve your goal. This level does not include a ticket to attend The Rising Festival in March.


£30/Month or £300/Year (Two months FREE)

Invest in yourself, your growth and your wellbeing. This level offers you catch up recorded videos of online events, free to attend/member rate events, both face to face and online to gain the confidence and skills you require to fuel your personal growth. Create meaningful relationships by networking with like-minded women and by accessing role models to unlock your true potential, harness your talents and to break through self-limiting beliefs. You will receive a discounted member rate ticket to attend The Rising Festival celebrating International Women’s Day in March.


£480 + VAT/Year

You are a small business with up to 10 employees, or at the initial set-up or launch phase. This level offers you catch up recorded videos of online events, opportunities to promote and raise the awareness of your business both online and face to face at events. Speaking opportunities available and if you have an office or space to host events, apply to host one of our events to get noticed and to bring footfall into your business. You will receive discounted member rate tickets to attend The Rising Festival celebrating International Women’s Day in March.


Bespoke (contact us)

‘Corporate, Medium to Large Enterprises’ with over 11 employees.  You are an organisation, university, charity or institution who is seeking visibility. You are active and invested in supporting diversity and inclusion, learning and development, work life balance, employee engagement and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Develop your talent pipeline and provide your female employees with additional learning and development, enabling women in your business to thrive, advance and progress. This level offers your workforce catch up recorded videos of online events, free to attend and special member rates for events and other discounts plus tickets for The Rising Festival celebrating International Women’s Day in March.