Thursday 14 April 2016 at 11:30am

My “Why”

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step.

Bells ringing. Eyes open. It’s Thursday! I took a deep breathe as I turned my alarm off and silence filled the room as I laid there. After a few minutes I rose up and rolled out of the bed covers whilst wiping the sleep from my eyes. I took my first step out of bed.

Something was different, I felt different.

This day had finally arrived. My unborn baby now has a life of its own. Excitement, relief and joy filled me and the fear of the unknown no longer had a place in my life which allowed me to be fully present in this moment.

I cherished this moment and euphoria took over every cell and vibration in my body. I felt great.

My daily practice of breathing and relaxing into what life presented taught me to just go with the flow and I was in the flow.

The Rising Network is no longer a gleam in my eye, it now has a life of its own. One that I would cherish and guide, to not only financially invest in but to offer my unconditional love, commitment and time. Someday, she, the Rising Network, will go off and make her own decisions in what path or direction to take and I feel at ease with that but for now, I will not leave her side. She needs me and I will be the best guide I can be.

I will make mistakes. I will get frustrated, I will feel exhausted and at times wonder why I put myself through this but in those moments I will remember the cause and the reason why the Rising Network seed was planted in back in January 2013. In ‘My Letter to You…’ I shared my story and what the Rising Network offered me. It was a place for me to self-discover and reconnect with myself. To discover my true potential and my inner confidence. A place to heal and transform. 

The Rising Network has a purpose to empower women by creating a vibrant community designed to promote health, well-being and personal development by sharing knowledge, life experiences, tools and techniques by bringing women together online and at events. Our goal is to connect women from across all communities and industries with the vision to inspire women to take action to achieve their goals by providing an enriching environment where we can fulfill our true potential and thrive.

In January 2013 I wanted a space where I could learn about myself to evolve. To remove my self-limiting beliefs which would allow me to break boundaries and rise. I wanted to flourish in every aspect of my life; to be confident, bold and connected with who I was and what I stood for but to roll that out across my entire life; in my personal relationships right through to my working relationships and my “career” so I could live a truly happy and enriched life.

But what is happiness? 

For me, it is a daily practice to be present and truly connected with myself and others. To invest in myself now and my future which will enable me to contribute and give back to others. To give back to other women, girls or anyone in need which in turn brings me fulfilment and happiness. That is my purpose and my reason why the Rising Network exists today.

Here is the Rising Network…my contribution back into this world.  If you missed our official launch, you can find it HERE.

Welcome to the Rising Network. My name is Lily Cheng and I am the Founder and creative mind behind this global community of empowered women.

Whether you are a woman who currently feels empowered, or have yet to develop your sense of empowerment—we are here to help you RISE UP!

What started as a rapidly growing community of women here in Cambridge, UK, has grown into a calling for vibrant women from around the globe.

We welcome all women. All ages, all backgrounds, and from any country around the world.

Welcome to the Rising Network.