Hi, I am Marina

~ a wizardy witchy alchemist. An inviter of possibilities and out-creator of this reality. Owned by Ruby, embodied as a feline in this lifetime and I wonder how many other lifetimes we've chosen each other?

In my private practice, I love to work and play with women who are a little bit 'weird', or a lot weird. And...weird means 'of spirit, of fate and of destiny, so how cool is that? Together we transform energy blocks, download incredible information that changes lives and have a lot of fun! I am weird in that I choose to engage with all that life is and offers with a deep fervour and lusciousness and surrender to the ISness.

I also bring a sprinkli-ness of magic to mainstream mental health services. My point of view is that language creates our reality. Words can harm or they can heal. Thus, I see difference not problems. Where there are deep caverns of wounds hidden beneath a mountain of shame, I see portals of possibilities. I shine light on the possibilities and open the door a bit wider. What is beyond these labels we have for ourselves and others? Who are we without these definitions? What if we didn't have to prove anything any more? What would it be like to ~BE~ ?

What else would you like to know about me? I love to connect, share, play, inspire and be inspired, be a bit rude, be irreverent and mess about when I'm not being all serious ~ come and say hi :-)
Friday 26 August 2016 at 4:44pm

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