For Companies

Why the Rising Network?

Research suggests that increasing gender diversity positively affects a company’s growth, performance and strategic direction. Gender diversity at all levels in the workplace is key to attract, engage and retain female talent.

Through the Rising Network, women in your company can gain access to unlimited learning materials and access our training, educational content, mentors, networking events and a supportive peer-to-peer network to support them in developing themselves in their role, empowering them with the confidence and the tools they need to succeed.

We can help to:

• Position your company ahead of competition and show them that you take gender diversity seriously.
• Strengthen your recruitment and retention positioning.
• Establish credibility and improve your reputation through positive CSR.
• Influence customers.
• Create a positive internal and external message.
• Retain female talent and positively impact the talent pipeline.

Why the membership works?

Pass over these impactful benefits across to your workforce.

“I left feeling empowered. I will take action to be more resilient in the workplace and take ownership to recognise that I am the driver in my life. I am the youngest in my team so sometimes I feel like I am a fraud and shouldn’t be there, however I left the Rising Festival feeling like yes I do deserve to be there and it’s an achievement. So thank you for helping me recognise my achievements and to believe in myself!” 

For more information on membership for your workforce or corporate partnership, contact [email protected]

“The Rising Network has been a lifeline during lockdown. I’ve kept in touch with like-minded leaders to share experiences and exchange ideas.” – Dr Julia Wilson, Associate Director, Wellcome Sanger Institute