Menstrual Cycle and Wisdom of the Womb: Understand your natural cycle to improve health, relationships and creativity

Tuesday, 22 May 2018
19:00 - 21:00
Cambridge, UK

Join Georgie Catling, Group Facilitator and Womb Meditation Teacher, to discover how embodying your feminine essence can help you feel more balanced, creative, nourished, and alive within business, relationships, and family. By working with your natural rhythm you can reduce stress, anxiety, emptiness and ‘burn out’, and boost your creativity, productivity and embrace your feminine

The menstrual cycle is a complex affair and can be viewed from many perspectives.

  • Physically or biologically where the hormones produce real changes in the female body throughout the menstrual month so that women can have babies.
  • Lunar or moon based perspective, where the influence of the moon affects female fertility and emotional behaviour.
  • Spiritually where the model of archetypes encompassed in the Female Energy Cycle provides a metaphor or description of behaviour or experiences common to most women.

We are capable of expressing many different facets and personalities. In life, we play many different roles in life; daughter, wife, mother, sister, lover, colleague, manager, etc. We choose which personality to express at any time, depending on the situation we are in and our personal circumstances at home but how do you fully embody your natural cycle and the phase of life you are in?

By having the self awareness and insight into your cycles, and how this can influence your personality and behaviour, it will allow you to work with your natural cycle with more ease. 

In this session we will explore:  

  • The four archetypes of the Female Energy Cycle: Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Crone
  • How to connect with your womb and feminine energy to boost creativity and productiveness
  • How to plan your working diary and day to day activities around your natural cycle to harness the feminine energy that presents itself at each stage of your cycle
  • The Lunar cycle
  • Womb meditation – guided meditation and breath work to help you to reconnect to your intuition
  • Release energy blockages and reawakening the sacred connection to your womb

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Refreshments included.

Venue: Allia Future Business Centre, 47-51 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

How to find us: We are located next door to The Box Cafe – the entrance to our venue is situated next to the bike rack.

Parking: FREE off street parking down Norfolk Street or nearest car park: Queen Ann Car Park, East Road

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About Georgie Catling: With a Business and Sociology Degree, Post Graduate qualification in Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis and a background in Crisis Nursing, Georgie currently dedicates her time to supporting women in reconnecting to their natural feminine energy in order to manifest an abundant creative life. A diagnosis of cervical cancer fifteen years ago, aged 29, catalysed Georgie’s initiation into Sacred Feminine Arts. This profound moment in her personal history led her on a deep journey of self discovery including understanding how she had ‘pushed’ herself to constantly strive and achieve, resulting in ‘burn out’. This experience and subsequent training in a number of different healing modalities – focusing on female empowerment and healing such as a Sexological Bodywork, Womb Awakening and embracing a woman’s natural rhythmic cycle – enables Georgie to support women in dropping down from their heads into a more intuitive way of working and being in the world.

19:00 - 19:30 Registration, networking and refreshments
19:30 - 21:00 Interactive Workshop
21:00 Event close