Unleash Your Creativity

Wednesday, 26 October 2016
19:00 - 21:00
Cambridge, UK

Whether you want to be more creative in your personal life or working life, this event will show you how to expand your awareness to tap into your creative side. By understanding energy and how it works within your body, you will see more possibilities as you learn to channel this energy and integrate alternative ways of thinking and being into your daily life.

The life force or Qi (known in some traditions) is the movement of creative energy which lays dormant within the human body. Through meditation and breathing exercises this can be accessed and utilised to its full potential. This energy is also known as sexual energy aka kundalini energy and is the same energy that courses through you during the act of making love. It is the creative life force within us and the most important aspect of using this energy is awareness.

Darsha Parmar, Conscious Creative Consultant, Pre Birth communication mentor and Quantum Vibration healer will share with us her experience and explain how practice, Tantra, meditation and breathing exercises can be used to explore your your full potential. You will learn how to initiate personal expansion, tap into your femininity and open the energy vortices, known as chakras, within your body to unleash your creativity.

With this practice, you will become grounded and centred which in turn will improve your relationships, self-confidence, health, working life and all aspects of your personal life.

During this session, you will gain a deeper understanding and learn:

• What creative energy is and why it is known as sexual energy – understand the correlation between sexuality and creativity
• How to utilise this energy and apply to everyday living
• How this affects every area of your life including health, fertility, reproductive ailments
• Tantra – the practice and where did it originate from
• Utilising it in everyday life i.e. work, maintaining good health, nurturing a self-love and how this transpires into all other relationships in your life
• The link between this energy and law of attraction
• How to increase your self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence
• Practical exercise: Guided mediation to feel an access this energy as vibration and breathing exercise to feel and circulate this energy.

This session will include meditations, breathing exercises and interactive discussions.

Tickets cost £15.00 (refreshments not included) and we have limited numbers for this workshop so please book in advance to secure your place.

Venue: We are located in a private room on the first floor. Grab a drink at the bar downstairs and make your way upstairs.

About the Rising Network:

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About Darshna Parmar:

Darshna bio cropped

As a Conscious Creative Consultant I provide bespoke consultations in the areas of holistic health, wellbeing, fertility, fulfilling relationships and achievements. I studied Ayurveda, as I love its beauty and ethos and treating women in particular interested me more as I began to heal my own fertility on a deeper level through my diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 37. I teach the core of human potential which is energy and allow for desires to be met and manifested. Through guided visualisations, vibrational healing and mentoring I facilitate and hold a healing space for clients to experience an expansive exploration of their creativity and well-being, through their mind, body and spirit. For more information, please visit: The Conscious Womb

19.00 - 19.30: Registration & Networking
19.30 - 19.40: Welcome and introduction
19.40 - 20.55: Workshop starts
20:50 - 21.00: Closing remarks and event close