Time to Breathe: Breathwork Experience

Sunday, 07 March 2021
11:30-11:45 GMT
Included in Rising Festival Ticket

We will open the Festival on day 2 at 11:30 and start with a 10 minute breathwork session led by Lisa Sibley, a Breathing Coach, Founder of Breathing Bliss. You will experience the immediate benefits that deep diaphragmatic breathing can bring. Breathing ‘intentionally’ eases the stress response, enabling you to gain more clarity, feel more positive and develop more resilience. Taking a few minutes to focus on your breath helps clear your mind, sparks creativity and brings renewed motivation. The breathing tools Lisa will share with you can be used every day to support you at work, home and in all areas of your life.”

The breathing session can be experienced seated or lying down. So as you will be at home, you might want to create a comfortable space e.g. on a yoga mat or on a blanket if you would like to lie down. Your camera can be turned off if it would help you feel more comfortable whilst taking part.

About Lisa Sibley: Bio HERE

Rising Festival 2021 ticket holders have full access to our 5 day programme including this session