The Rising Festival: Be an International Superstar Communicator with Susan Heaton Wright

Saturday, 10 March 2018
15:15 - 16:00
Cambridge, UK
Included in The Rising Festival ticket

A Rising Festival Workshop –

Be an International Superstar Communicator

Do you want to be noticed when you speak in meetings? Do you feel no one listens to you when you contribute to conversations? Do you want to raise your professional profile within your organisation? In this interactive workshop, I will introduce you to a number of skills to empower you to be an effective communicator in your business.

By the end of the session you will:

• Discover the best way to stand or sit, so you are noticed in a positive way
• How to be an active listener in a conversation
• Tips on how to speak so people will listen to you
• Using your voice as a female speaker
• The power of positive body language

This workshop is part of the Rising Festival and is included in the day pass for the festival.

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