The Rising Network: Redefining your Personal Mastery

Tuesday, 29 June 2021
12.00-13.00 BST

Take time out to re-set your direction with purpose and intention. These three modules provide a useful structure for you to redefine your vision, your best self and how to make that vision a reality. Our module will cover: finding your personal power, overcoming blockers to personal mastery and how to define your intent and actions.
Hilary brings vast life experience and qualification to provide the group with interactive exercises, discussion and learning for an energizing but thoughtful course.

3 MODULES INCLUDE what you will learn

Module 1. Finding your personal power
Held on: Tuesday 29th June 2021, at 12:00 – 13:00 BST

  • What is your vision? Positive vibes
  • Where are you now? Personal audit
  • What’s going to stop you? Those blockers:
  • Confidence (the avoidance of doubt)
  • The terrible twins – anxiety and perfectionism
  • How are you feeling? Getting to know your emotions

Module 2. Overcoming blockers to your personal mastery
Held on: Tuesday 13th July 2021, at 12:00 – 13:00 BST

  • What usually stops you?
  • Hello Self-critic
  • Hello Compassionate other! Getting to know you and developing your compassionate other
  • Positive self-talk to create your new brand
  • Finding your leadership feet – home, relationships, career

Module 3. Define your intent and actions.
Held on: Tuesday 27th July 2020, at 12:00 – 13:00 BST

  • What’s next?
  • Motivation and planning
  • What’s your story?
  • Recognising and celebrating success

How you will benefit:

  • Create your own vision, intent and actions to redefine your personal mastery
  • Develop deeper self-knowing through exercises, discussions and guided facilitation
  • Learn techniques to be your best self when under pressure
  • Complete your own plan of how you can move forward and achieve your vision

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at anyone who believes it could be useful to them. If you have been juggling home and work during lockdown and are facing challenges about going back to work then this especially applies to you, to answer any questions career related


This course starts on Wednesday 29th June 2021 and ends on Wednesday 27th July 2021. Each online session starts at 12:00 – 13:00 BST

Wednesday 29th June: Finding your personal power
Wednesday 13th July: Overcoming blockers to your personal mastery
Wednesday 27th July: Define your intent and actions

How to book:

Places are limited so click RSVP to register today and avoid disappointment. Registration will close on Wednesday 29th June at 11.00 BST.

• Individual, Enterprise and Corporate members: Free to attend and included in your membership
• Non-members and Digital subscribers: £180 + Fees

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About Hilary McLellan:

Hilary is an Organisational Behaviourist, Exec and Team Coach. Her clients work with her because they want to be their best self and feel fulfilled not only at work but also in life. By building a strong sense of self through authenticity, resilience and emotional intelligence, Hilary’s approach provides the key ingredients of support, encouragement and fair (but firm) challenge upon the mental models, perceptions and experiences that influence us all. Such fair but firm challenge, in a confidential setting, can be hard to find for leaders who are in senior roles and arguably ever more isolated from receiving safe but open and honest challenge. Hilary adopts a style that, by using questioning and challenge, encourages clients to explore and develop their own solutions to the challenges they face. She creates trust and rapport – often in the outdoors and natural settings – so clients can explore, discover and be curious about their self-critic, their values, beliefs and behavioural patterns. Thereby bringing about the best solutions and experiences for themselves, their teams and their customers.

About the Rising Network:

We use the power of community to empower women to realise their true potential, and to achieve balance and happiness. We promote good health, gender equality, and access to lifelong learning opportunities through our engaging and creative events, courses, networking, mentoring, peer-to-peer support, and programmes. We want communities to lead our mission and through our Committees and Chapter Lead community, we do just that. We support them behind the scenes. They accelerate progress towards a more gender-equal world by addressing the barriers that keep women from reaching their potential and thriving in their homes, economies, and societies. Learn more and join our social mission here: