Rising Festival Workshop: Guided Hypnosis for Stress Management

Saturday, 09 March 2019
09:30 - 17:30
Included in your Rising Festival ticket

During this 45 minute practical hypnotherapy session hypnotherapist and personal empowerment coach Sue Dunn will invite you to make yourself comfortable as she guides you through a process of deep relaxation. By taking pre-emptive measures to avoid stress and learning how to recognise the triggers that affect us as soon as they occur, we are able to retain control over our health and wellbeing and restore inner peace and balance.

This session will give you the opportunity to explore hypnosis as a stress management technique and experience for yourself the positive effects of deep relaxation and internal harmony.

Stress is a natural and healthy part of everyday life without which we would have no motivation to do anything. However, when stress starts to build and feel uncomfortable we can begin experiencing unpleasant side effects which if left untreated can cause a range of mental and physical health problems.

​Stress is on the increase in our modern lives and is one of the biggest threats to our success, happiness and general sense of wellbeing. Some of the common side effects are feeling tense and unable to relax, sleep disturbance, drinking/smoking excessively, digestive problems, lack of appetite, over eating, loss of libido, road rage, feeling unreasonably agitated and irritable, being routinely late for engagements and constantly rushing around.

​Hypnotherapy can be used in 2 ways to effectively manage stress.

Firstly, it can be used to access a deeply relaxed state which not only feels very pleasant but also relieves stress and tension by triggering your relaxation response.

Secondly, it can be used to help make lifestyle changes that can reduce the factors in your life causing the stress.

One of the primary benefits of hypnosis is that you are able to relax and begin to release stress from the very first session, helping you to restore a feeling of balance and harmony in your life immediately.

This session will leave you feeling positive and relaxed and provide you with calming visualisation exercises that you can continue to use in your daily life.

Session time to be confirmed shortly