The Rising Festival: How to Stop Stressing and Start Thriving Again with Adelle Shaw-Flach

Saturday, 10 March 2018
12:00 - 12:45
Cambridge, UK
Included in the Rising Festival ticket

A Rising Festival Workshop –

How to Stop Stressing and Start Thriving Again

With such busy lives and juggling many demands both at home and at work it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Stress can creep up and begin to affect us without being noticed. This 45 minute interactive workshop will simplify a complex area and help you identify the key tools needed to reduce your stress so you can start thriving again.

Workshop Outline
•  What is stress and what does it mean for you?
•  Wellbeing and why it’s important
•  Examine tools to reduce stress and improve wellbeing
•  Create your own personal wellbeing toolkit

The workshop will be facilitated: using a variety of mixed methods – interactive presentation, group work, activities and utilising the knowledge and experiences of the attendees and based upon current neuroscience and research.

The Sweet Potato Consultancy works with forward thinking leaders to reduce human and financial wastage and create workplace cultures where people and organisations thrive.

This workshop is part of the Rising Festival and is included in the day pass for the festival.
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