Open Conversation – Owning It: Lead, Influence and Inspire

Saturday, 14 March 2020
09:30 - 17:30
Cambridge, UK
Included in the Rising Festival Ticket

The Rising Festival has been postponed due to novel coronavirus outbreak!
After careful consideration, The Rising Network and its festival organising committee has made the decision to postpone the event scheduled to take place in Cambridge on Saturday 14th March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Studies show that women are naturally better at interpersonal skills such as empathy, building relationships and collaboration. These qualities make for a more effective leader. Yet all too often women leaders try to suppress these natural, innate abilities because they are trying to mould themselves after traditional more masculine ‘command and control’ models of leadership.

It takes a lot of honesty, confidence, vulnerability and courage to break the outdated mould of leadership and lead in a way that is natural and authentic to you. However, we have to be willing to speak up and put things out on the table if we want to effect positive change.

Whether you’re a CEO or a leader of a team – at home or in the community – leaders who inspire trust by demonstrating the traits of an authentic leader (self-awareness, honesty, integrity, courage and fairness) are more likely to influence others, nurture successful relationships and contribute to an organisation’s success.

In this session, we’ll look at how opening the door to vulnerability, compassion and empathy, will enable you to create a stronger emotional connection and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with those around you, thus empowering you to lead more confidently and effectively.


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  • Candace Johnson, Vice Chair of NorthStar Earth and Space, Co-Founder/Member of the Board of OWNSAT (Oceania Women’s Network Satellite), co-founder of EBAN Space, President Emeritus of EBAN, Strategic Committee Member of Iris Capital, and President/Co-founder of numerous angel investment funds.
  • Dame Jane Elizabeth Francis DCMG, Director of the British Antarctic Survey
  • Harriet Fear MBE, Chair of Cambridge Ahead, Director of Harriet Fear Associates
  • Sarah Hughes, Chief Executive, Centre for Mental Health