ONLINE EVENT: Perimenopause and Menopause within the Workplace

Wednesday, 15 April 2020
12:00 - 13:00
£0-£10 + Fees

Join us on Wednesday 15th April for an hour-long webinar, where Health and Life Coach and founder of The Purposeful Life Kate Drummond will share how to Embrace the Change and develop the tools and support that will help you navigate the Perimenopause and Menopause workplace with ease. Kate will discuss findings from the BMS British Menopause Society and guidelines for the workplace from CIPD Charted Institute of Personnel and Development  

Some women go through the menopause with little impact on their daily life. But others experience symptoms that can last for several years and have a negative impact on their performance and attendance at work. A bad night’s sleep can affect concentration, while heavy periods or hot flushes can be physically distressing and embarrassing. The psychological effects can also impact relationships at work. For some, the symptoms are so severe that women are forced to leave their job altogether.   

Most women experience that menopause between the age of 45 – 55 – but some start experiencing symptoms much earlier, the Perimenopause. Symptoms can include sleeplessness, memory loss, headaches, depression and anxiety. To name but a few. Around half find it difficult to cope with work during the menopause.

What you will learn? 
In this webinar, you will:  

  • Understand the stages of the Menopause  
  • Learn the symptoms and what you can do to improve them  
  • Discover that this symptoms can begin in your 30s  
  • Understand the impact that Lifestyle and our Environment has  
  • Learn what you can expect from your place of work  
  • Appreciate the importance of support and community when going through the Menopause 

How you will benefit: 

  • You will feel informed and prepared  
  • You will discover that there is a whole world of women out there who understand  
  • You will understand that your workplace has a legal duty to ensure your work conditions do not exacerbate your symptoms 

Who should attend?

Any Women of any age, at one point or another you will go through the Perimenopause and Menopause and being prepared is game changing 

How to book 

The event will take place on Wednesday 15th April at 12-1pm. Places are limited so hit ‘RSVP’ to register today and avoid disappointment.
Individual and Enterprise members: Free to attend and included in your membership.
Non-members and Digital subscribers: £10 + Fees 

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  • Improve and enhance your skills to help you to move up the career ladder and to get your next promotion. 
  • Increase your visibility and impact at work, in community and at home. 
  • Pick up tools and techniques to manage daily stress, work/life pressures. 
  • Expand your network by creating new relationships. 
  • Learn and build your business and leadership skills. 
  • Overcome personal or professional challenges 
  • Develop your presenting and networking skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

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About the speaker Kate Drummond: Kate is a certified health and life coach, personal trainer, and sports therapist with a specialism in lifestyle management.  She works with women across the globe, empowering them to rediscover themselves and elevate their lives.  Kate coaches women at different stages of their journey,  from leaving university to embracing the Menopause and beyond. She believes that when we learn the art of listening to ourselves and acknowledging our uniqueness, magic happens.  Focusing on every area of our lives, she will help you develop healthier habits around sleep, nutrition, exercise, productivity, and spirituality, to name a few, inspiring you to show up for yourself every day.  She also delivers workshops in the corporate environment on Menopause in the Workplace and Health and Lifestyle topics.  Before coaching, Kate spent over 20 years working in International Banking and Consultancy.

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