Mentoring Circle: How to Master the Art of Receiving Feedback Effectively

Tuesday, 12 January 2021
18:00 - 19:00 GMT
Members ONLY

Being open to receiving feedback will help you to grow both personally and professionally particularly in the early stages of your career. If you are interested in hearing more about how others view you and your contribution, you need to make it easy for them to share with you otherwise it can make it difficult for others to work with you. Being defensive or justifying behaviour makes people hesitant to give feedback which will only slow you down from reaching your full potential.

Feedback is intended to create awareness and direction to support your professional growth so being approachable, listening attentively and being grateful will reflect positively on you. Fear of criticism is a common but manageable reaction. Learning to manage your emotions, your body language and facial expressions will enable you to turn feedback into tangible actions that will help you to achieve your goals.

What are Mentoring Circles?

The Rising Network Mentoring Circles offer a supportive peer to peer learning environment lead by mentors in each circle. Each mentoring circle will have a set theme so that mentees can come armed with questions to seek advice from both mentors and peers to collectively explore and discuss the issue – while being mentored and guided by someone who has knowledge and experience in personally overcoming that problem: the mentor.

We have restricted numbers for each mentoring circle to ensure the effectiveness of each mentoring circle so we advise booking in advance to secure your place.

Who should attend: 

• You have recently entered the workforce
• You’re the early stages of your career
• Students / Undergraduates
• PHD/Postgraduates
• May have completed internships / apprenticeships in the past

How to book:

We normally charge for non members but for the month of January we are making all our events open and free to event. REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 12th January at 17:00 GMT

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About Zuhrah Samim: Zuhrah Samim is an HR professional that has worked in SME’s to strategically and operationally develop their core HR function. Zuhrah’s skillsets with the HR world has enabled her to work in organisations to enhance their HR function or even built their HR department from a blank canvas.

Zuhrah believes that the people are assets of the organisation and her role within the organisation is to support those assets to get the best productivity and best enhanced performance. Zuhrah believes that this is an opportunity to transform the organisation through HR and its assets.

Due to Zuhrah’s role being HR Generalist, it is transferable in every organisation. Zuhrah has worked as HR Manager for one the most prestigious names in the Middle East, HR manager for Annalect, a sister company for Omnicom Media Group, HR BP for a Medical Recruitment Company, Head of HR for a property company and HR and Recruitment Specialist for an Artificial intelligence tech organisation.

Being the first HR in majority of my roles, Zuhrah’s role consisted of creating the HR function from the bare minimum or enhancing the HR department within the organisation. Zuhrah has specialized experience in various HR fields such as TUPE, Redundancy, Restructure and work force training, employee development, HR software implementation.

Zuhrah is a solution focused individual and as Zuhrah has evolved from role to role, there is not challenge to small or big for me in the HR role and thrive in challenging herself and learning new things to better herself.

The influence of successors that Zuhrah has had in her professional development is all due to strong powerful women that has coached and mentored her.

Now it is my (Zuhrah’s) turn to give back to the world and The Rising Network has enabled me to do this through a fantastic networking.

About Eva Tarabichi: Eva Tarabichi is an experienced trainer and ICF ACC-certified coach whose mission is to foster intercultural learning and development for individuals as well as teams. She works with international professionals, teams, expatriates and expat spouses as well as HR professionals that manage international staff and assignments.

Eva’s particular focus is on empowering her clients to assess their own cultural profile as well as that of their counterparts and enable them to successfully bridge cultural gaps and leverage cultural differences in positive ways. Her aim is to make people successful and functional – wherever they may be and whoever they work with. She is passionate about delivering out-of-the-box, global minded, multilingual and multicultural thinking.

To deliver unique and high-quality coaching and training, Eva draws not only on her ICF accredited coach training but also on her degrees in Sinology and European politics, during which she has specialised in intercultural communication. She is an experienced speaker, having designed and presented workshops in her previous career as well as her current one. She understands the challenges of today’s high pressurised career environments, as she used to work for multinational law firms, EU political institutions and lobbying associations in her first career as a political interest representant.

Having been an expat for roughly half of her life, she has seen a fair share of intercultural and relocation challenges: She has been an expat in multiple situations – as a school child, university student, employee, “trailing spouse”, mum of two and self-employed entrepreneur.

Global mindedness, multiculturalism as well as the strive for quality and tested standards in coaching are the core values that drive Eva in her coaching practice. She delivers her services in English, French and German and can be contacted in these languages as well as Mandarin and Spanish.