Mentoring Circle: Staying Afloat When it Feels Like You’re Drowning

Tuesday, 09 March 2021
17:30 - 18:30 GMT
Included in the Rising Festival Ticket

Mentoring session will include a few minutes presentation on each topic, your questions on the topic and exercises to take away, so you feel you can swim through life.

  • Understanding Life Scripts, Life Positions, Ego States, why do you feel and think as you do?
  • Recognizing if you are in a game that other people are playing, and the roles that make you feel in a sinking state
  • News ways of looking at time and doing ever more with ever less time
  • Law of Attraction processes that help you to swim, give you more mind space and the sign posts for movement between processes
  • Learn forward pacing techniques to help set the future and how you want to feel

What are Mentoring Circles?

The Rising Network Mentoring Circles offer a supportive peer to peer learning environment lead by mentors in each circle. Each mentoring circle will have a set theme so that mentees can come armed with questions to seek advice from both mentors and peers to collectively explore and discuss the issue – while being mentored and guided by someone who has knowledge and experience in personally overcoming that problem: the mentor.

How they work?

Each Mentor will be in their own virtual room and we will have parallel mentoring circles running at the same time. Pick the circle you want to join and make sure you’re not late as each session will start with a short talk by each Mentor followed by informal group mentoring and discussions.

Suzanne MacDonald – Carr, Non-Exec and Business Coach.  Mentor Bio HERE




Rising Festival 2021 ticket holders have full access to our 5 day programme including this session