Mentoring Circle: How to be your Authentic Self

Wednesday, 10 March 2021
17:30 - 18:30 GMT
Included in the Rising Festival Ticket

Based on the 10 principles of the Yoga philosophy, Rachel will take you through proven methods to shift your mindset, quieten the inner critic and discover ways to move beyond self-doubt.

This mentoring circle starts with an easy and calming 8 minutes compassion meditation to give you an opportunity to connect with and honour your authentic self.

This session will be down to earth, practical and accessible to all. Questions like: can we even be our authentic self at work and many other questions will be discussed.

What are Mentoring Circles?

The Rising Network Mentoring Circles offer a supportive peer to peer learning environment lead by mentors in each circle. Each mentoring circle will have a set theme so that mentees can come armed with questions to seek advice from both mentors and peers to collectively explore and discuss the issue – while being mentored and guided by someone who has knowledge and experience in personally overcoming that problem: the mentor.

How they work?

Each Mentor will be in their own virtual room and we will have parallel mentoring circles running at the same time. Pick the circle you want to join and make sure you’re not late as each session will start with a short talk by each Mentor followed by informal group mentoring and discussions.

Rachel Bonkink, Author of ‘Flex Your Mind: 10 Powerful Yoga Principles for Less Stress in a Busy World’ & Founder of Revealing Vajra. Mentor Bio: HERE






Rising Festival 2021 ticket holders have full access to our 5 day programme including this session