Mental Health Awareness Week: Looking after your well-being

Tuesday, 14 May 2019
18:00 - 20:00
£0-£45 inc. VAT

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, the Rising Network brings you this interactive event on ‘Looking after your well-being.

With competing demands that life presents, managing the various roles we play can become very challenging and overwhelming, and if you’re feeling the pressure, you’re not alone!

Are you feeling depleted, tired and exhausted?

Would you like to have better energy and to improve your sleep?

Would you like to gain a better balance in life? 

If you are struggling and feeling down at work, do you try to hide it?

Do you feel able to let colleagues and/or your line manager know that you feel emotionally unwell?

Does your employer help you in any way when times are hard or do you think this is your responsibility alone?

During this interactive event share your experiences and insights in a sensitive discussion where the aim is to learn from each other and to walk away with tools and techniques to better look after yourself and those around you.

What to expect:

Round table groups:

Hear from an expert who will share insights and their knowledge on each topic, providing you the opportunity to talk in smaller groups.

  • Maintaining your own identify, physical health and well-being whilst caring for others with Dr Minha Rajput-Ray, Occupational and Disability Physician and Medical Director
  • Well-being at work with Sigrid Fisher, expert in gender, EDI and well-being at work.

Throughout the event you will have the opportunity to rotate round each table or visit the Chill Zone.

The Chill Zone:

Receive guided meditations and practical yoga techniques to help maintain good health and well-being:

  • Desk yoga and breathe work for neck and shoulders to relieve stress and tension. Learn yoga postures and stretches you can do at work and at your desk!
  • Practical guided meditation for stress relief for those looking to unwind and relax by Sue Dunn, Certified Hypnotherapist, Personal Empowerment Coach

What will be covered and what you will take away:

  • Practical strategies for self-care: sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, physical activity
  • How to improve your quality of sleep and to have better energy
  • The sandwich generation referred to those, usually in their 30s or 40s, who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children
  • Mental health and work-life boundaries
  • Wellbeing at work and how to manage mental health issues at work
  • What support to expect from your employer and what employers can do to support staff


18:00: Doors open
18:30: Welcome by Rising Network Member
18:40: Welcome by host, Arthur Rank Hospice
18:45: Interactive session
20:00: Event close

Our events are informal and we welcome all. Diversity and inclusion is top on our list – all genders are welcome!

We have limited places available and this event is open to non-members. Book today to secure your place and we can’t wait to see you there.

Invest in Yourself:

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Refreshments and cakes included.

Thank you to Arthur Rank Hospice for hosting this event.

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About Dr Minha Rajput-Ray: 

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray is Medical Director of NNEdPro, an Occupational and Disability Physician holding registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) and a UK Registered Osteopath. Following osteopathic studies in London and gaining a first class honours degree, she obtained her undergraduate degree and basic medical training in Dundee and then held an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in rheumatology and general medicine at the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge and its associated teaching hospitals. She then took further qualifications in occupational and disability medicine.

Within the NNEdPro medical director role, Dr Rajput-Ray assists to develop and deliver grassroots nutrition education research projects both in the UK and overseas; as aligned to the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition (2016–2025) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, Dr Rajput-Ray provides clinical/medical advisory input with a specific emphasis on inter-professional patient focussed learning (bringing together medical students, junior doctors and allied health professions in the community).

She also has lead responsibility within NNEdPro, for wellbeing and performance. Dr Rajput-Ray also heads the wellbeing at work initiative with a focus on nutrition and hydration in promoting healthier workplaces, reducing sickness absence and improving staff performance. She is an elected Wolfson College Research Associate/Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Dr Rajput-Ray was awarded the 2015 Mobbs Corporate Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians Faculty of Occupational Medicine and the Golden Jubilee Fellowship of the Society for Occupational Medicine and serves as Chair of the Scientific Committee on (Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Health) of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH).

About Sigrid Fisher:

Sigrid Fisher is an expert in gender, EDI and organisational culture. With over 20 years’ high-level professional experience in complex organisations across different sectors, Sigrid has a proven track record developing and delivering pragmatic best practice and successful strategic change. A visionary and creative leader, Sigrid is the Founder of, a consultancy offering specialist services focusing on women and gender, and innovative EDI solutions. Areas of focus include Gender Pay Gap, sexual harassment, women and work, wellbeing and empowerment.

Sigrid’s previous achievements include being Head of Equality & Diversity at the University of Cambridge for 10 years, producing the pioneering publication The Meaning of Success which explored the experiences of women in academia and leading the University’s widely-acclaimed Breaking the Silence campaign against sexual harassment. Sigrid also worked in collaboration with Jude Kelly OBE and Southbank London to bring the global Women of the World project to Cambridge, acting as Executive Producer for three WOW Cambridge programmes. Recent consultancy projects have included being commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry to develop policy, procedures and guidance for preventing and responding to bullying and harassment, and establishing a new EDI Office at London School of Economics. Sigrid is a Trustee of the Cambridge Film Trust which produces the annual internationally-renowned Cambridge Film Festival and is working with Cambridge’s Community Arts to increase the diversity of the Film Festival’s audience engagement.

About Sue Dunn: 

Sue is a Certified Hypnotherapist who works intuitively to help her clients navigate difficult life issues and circumstances. Sue guides and supports her clients to identify and then release the mental and emotional blocks that prevent them from living joyful, fulfilled lives. Having overcome loss and trauma during her own childhood, Sue passionately believes that with kindness, support and guidance, we all have the ability to liberate ourselves from limiting thoughts, beliefs and behavioral patterns in order to achieve our infinite potential.

Sue offers bespoke one on one hypnotherapy sessions that are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. She also delivers experiential workshops to small groups for relaxation, stress management, self esteem and self confidence building. “Hypnosis is a safe, deeply relaxing yet very powerful therapeutic tool, that can greatly improve our sense of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Working from the inside out it allows us to deeply connect with our internal power, it raises our awareness and empowers us to restore balance and harmony in our lives and achieve our desired goals”.

About the Rising Network: The Rising Network is a vibrant network of professional women empowering women to reach their true potential and to live a balanced life. We take a holistic approach towards life and enrich our members professionally and personally by providing a supportive learning and networking environment, both online and at face-to-face events, where life tools, strategies and techniques can be learned and developed. As well as supporting our individual members, we offer events, webinars and courses to the public and tailored programmes and workshops to organisations, universities and other networks. For more information and to join, visit:

18:00: Doors open
18:30: Welcome by Rising Network Member
18:40: Welcome by host, Arthur Rank Hospice
18:45: Interactive session 
20:00: Event close