How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud – An Introduction to the Imposter Phenomenon with Dr Theresa Simpkin

Saturday, 10 March 2018
11:00 - 11:45
Cambridge, UK
Included in the Rising Festival ticket

A Rising Festival Workshop –

An interactive session introducing the Imposter Phenomenon.

The notion of being less competent than you should be or believing your success to be a bit of a mistake can be stressful and the sense that at some point you’re going to be found out as an impostor can be crippling to achievement and may cause anxiety and overwork.

Presented by Dr Theresa Simpkin, this introductory session is based on her own current research and that of the past forty years. The session introduces the impostor phenomenon and identifies where it comes from.

Learn where it comes from and how the internal monologue perpetuates the sense of being a phoney. Begin to identify practical ways to start building a better personal narrative that allows praise and take responsibility for successes.

Walk away with practical take-aways to help generate a daily awareness of Imposter Phenomenon behaviours and thoughts, and identify ways of diminishing a sense of not being good enough.

This workshop is part of the Rising Festival and is included in the day pass for the Festival.

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