Finding Your Voice & Inner Confidence Workshop with Jaspreet Kaur – BOOK NOW!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019
18:30 - 20:30
£0-£25 + VAT

The Rising Network is recognised for its relaxed and informal approach offering an alternative way of networking. Come and join us for an exclusive evening event featuring the wonderful Jaspreet Kaur, who will be running a workshop on Finding your Voice and Inner Confidence.

This workshop aims to help you identify gaps in your self-esteem and confidence, covering techniques and strategies for more confident thinking and behaviour. It will provide a safe haven for you to free up your voice, let go of inhibitions to find your true, authentic voice and inner confidence.

You will learn:

  • How to present yourself confidently in an authentic way in meetings and public speaking
  • Breathing and vocal techniques
  • How to speak from the heart without a script
  • How to develop stage presence and make a powerful impact
  • How to be more spontaneous and get free of your inner critic
  • How to make a lot of noise and release emotional tension
  • What you are communicating though your body that may be contradicting your words and how to communicate a more congruent message


18:30 – Welcome drinks and mingle
19:00 – Finding your Voice – Confidence Workshop with Jaspreet Kaur
20:15 – Mix and mingle
20:30 – Event close

About Jaspreet

Jaspreet Kaur, better known as ‘Behind the Netra’ for her poetry is a spoken word artist from East London focused on sharing her thoughts on gender issues, historical topics, positive social change and taboo subjects both in the Asian community and wider society. By day, she is a secondary school History teacher, with an academic background in both History and Gender Studies. Her work aims to tackle issues related to gender discrimination, mental health stigma, decolonisation and more. As well as performing poetry, Behind the Netra also provides workshops and motivational talks for all ages.

Over the last two years she has performed all around the UK, including Box Park Shoreditch, Theatre Royal London, Oxford University, City Hall, The House of Lords, Trafalgar Square, Sadler Wells Theatre and shows for charitable causes with charities such as Action for Children, PlanUK, What You Do Matters, Billion Women and others.

Some of her proudest achievements thus far include performing at the NHS annual conference, TEDxUCLWomen, Women of the World Global and here inspirational TED talk with TEDxLondon on ‘How Poetry Saved My Life.’ Her creativity has also led Behind the Netra to opportunities such as featuring in a short film with Idris Elba, appearing on a BBC Three short and working with the UN on the HeforShe Campaign. For more information, visit:


About the Rising Network:

A vibrant network empowering women to reach their true potential. We do this by creating a supportive learning environment online and at face to face events where tools, strategies and techniques can be learnt, enabling women to advance both professionally and personally. For more information and to join us visit our membership page.

18:30 – Welcome drinks and mingle
19:00 – Finding your Voice - Confidence Workshop with Jaspreet Kaur
20:15 – Mix and mingle
20:30 – Event close