Digital Distractions and Wellbeing

Tuesday, 19 October 2021
13:00 - 14:00
In this ‘always on’ world, it can be hard to detach ourselves from our digital devices. Tyler shares insights and practical tips to help.

About this event

Digital Distractions and Wellbeing

Tyler Shores, Thinklab Manager, University of Cambridge

In this ‘always on’ world, it can be hard to detach ourselves from our digital devices. If you find yourself constantly ‘doom scrolling’ or screen switching and want to learn how to practise more productive online behaviours, then this is for you. Tyler has some practical tips and useful insights to help you make small changes that will bring big benefits.

What you will learn:

• How to recognise and manage digital distractions

• The effect of digital distractions on our wellbeing

• How to make changes to improve our digital productivity and wellbeing

How you will benefit:

• Learn tips and techniques on how to balance your online and offline behaviour

• Enhance your wellbeing

Who should attend?

It is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning about improving their

digital awareness and wellbeing.


13:00 – Welcome by the Rising Network

13.10 – Talk

14:00 – Event close

How to book:

The event will take place on Tuesday 19th October and registration will close 24 hours before the event starts so book before to secure your place.

• 13:00 – 14:00 BST


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About Tyler Shores:

Tyler Shores is a researcher, writer, and teacher based at the University of Cambridge. He is currently the Manager of the Cambridge ThinkLab, and Senior Research Associate at the Intellectual Forum, Jesus College, University of Cambridge. Tyler researches, writes, and teaches social media, digital distractions, and reading habits. He also works with various organisations on digital productivity and digital wellbeing.

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13:00 - Welcome by the Rising Network

13.10 - Talk

14:00 - Event close