Boost your Inner Battery

Saturday, 14 March 2020
09:30 - 17:30
Cambridge, UK
Included in the Rising Festival Ticket

The Rising Festival has been postponed due to novel coronavirus outbreak!
After careful consideration, The Rising Network and its festival organising committee has made the decision to postpone the event scheduled to take place in Cambridge on Saturday 14th March to celebrate International Women’s Day.


If you are at a cross-point in your life (feeling stuck, having gone through life events, or simply wanting more out of their existence). Then invest 45 minutes in yourself – a time for yourself, away from work and family to ‘take stock’! This workshop is especially relevant during busy lifestyles which demand more.
Being able to tap into innate strengths requires strategy. Coupled with being able to be ‘fully charged’ enables opportunity mixed with preparation to create the key to success.

Make a difference for yourself and your communities by letting your light shine!
This is a chance to learn more about yourself, a valuable opportunity towards practical self development and connect with a community.

If you have ever wanted to know how to learn more about yourself then our workshop with Dr Minha Rajput-Ray is for you.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Identify the unique link in your daily routine and how this can both positively or negatively affect your life path.
  • Build to strengths that have worked in your favour and also low yield activities that ‘hold you back’!
  • Develop a system to enable your flow, apply this to your personal and work life.

 In this workshop, we will cover:

  • A practical quiz to ‘bust wellness myths’!
  • A focussed mapping exercise to identify gaps in Health and Life goals.
  • An interactive goal setting exercise to re-energise and define the next steps.
  • Learn practical steps in helping you to achieve these goals.
  • A Powerful breath guided exercise to help you keep up the momentum.
    Give yourself a chance to succeed in being the best version of yourself!

Click HERE to find out more about Dr Minha Rajput-Ray.