Diet, Nutrition and Sugar Uncovered

Monday, 23 May 2016
19:00 - 21:00
Cambridge, UK
£10.00 - £15.00


The Way You Eat Is The Way You Dalia Maori 23.05.16

Sugar The Science Behind Facts and Myths Dr Roberta Re WSRO 23 05 16

The way you eat is the way you live. Eating patterns and choices say a lot about how we live and how we value ourselves. Why do so many of us continue to eat unhealthy foods, despite knowing what we should be eating? Why do we get stuck in destructive eating patterns even though we know it doesn’t make us feel good? Is it all down to having a weak character with no willpower, or is there something else at play here?

Session 1: 

The Way You Eat Is the Way You Live by guest speaker, Dalia Maori, Registered Dietitian, private practice and Lead Dietitian of Everyone Health Cambridgeshire will address this.

This talk will help to explain the fascinating reasons why people find it hard to eat as they know they should. It will shine a positive light on why these behaviours are our teachers and how in overcoming them, we actually balance our entire lives better.

The true motivation derived from increased self-knowledge empowers an easy adherence to more positive eating behaviours. Nutritional skills such as cooking and shopping shortcuts enables a person to succeed, these combined drive a solid continuation into positive, long term eating behaviours.

Session 2: 

Sugar: The Science behind Facts and Myths by guest speaker, Dr Roberta Re, Director General, World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO)

Every day we are fed different opinions and news about sugar which are often conflicting. So how much sugar is good for you? What type of sugar can we consume and do we eat it in moderation or completely avoid it?

Here are some myths about sugar:

Myth 1 – Sugar makes you gain weight
Myth 2 – Sugar is addictive
Myth 3 – Good sugar vs bad sugar

Dr Roberta Re will present scientific based evidence about sugar. She will share the latest understanding on how the feeding circuits and reward centre in the brain interact and address the concept of food and sugar addiction.

Join us for an evening of self-discovery, understand your eating challenges and successes and learn how to make informed decisions about diet and nutrition. The Rising Network is a network and online community for women, our events are a great way for you to meet and network with other women within the commuinity in an upbeat and social environment. Expects lots of talking and interaction at this event.

Early Bird rate of £10 ends on the 1st May. Tickets cost £15 thereafter and include refreshments on the night.  

About the Rising Network: A network and online platform for Women. Our mission is to empower women by creating a vibrant community, designed to promote health, well-being and personal development by sharing life experiences, tools and techniques online and at events. For more information, please visit: or connect with us on: @Rising_Network / Facebook Page/Instagram

About Dalia Maori:

Dalia Maori Small pic

Comprehensively trained as a clinical dietitian, Dalia approaches all patients holistically and intuitively. Having enjoyed eight thriving years in private practice and the NHS, Dalia treats individuals, couples, families and groups pursuing greater health using food as medicine. Dalia is determined to treat the root cause of health challenges and strongly believes that good nutrition is a fundamental source of healing.As well as private practice, she works part time as dietetic lead for Cambridgeshire County Council’s overweight and obesity services with Everyone Health. Providing nutrition consulting services to the food industry, media and businesses complements Dalia’s clinical work. For more information, please visit:



About Dr Roberta Re: 

Roberta Re, WSRO

Roberta graduated in 1995 from the University of Palermo Italy, where she completed a Doctorate in Pharmacy. She then moved to the University of California Berkeley researching role of active compounds at molecular and cellular level. In 1998 Roberta moved to the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases at King’s College London where she registered for a PhD in Biochemistry. In 2001 she joined the MRC-HNR as a Survey co-ordinator of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS). Roberta then spent several years in the research environment, where her interests focused on the design of clinical trials to investigate ADME of functional compounds and their relationship to a number of health related issues. In 2007 Roberta moved to Leatherhead Food Research to manage the Nutrition Research Unit which performs clinical intervention studies for efficacy and regulatory substantiations both for the pharma and the food Industries. Having studied part-time she was awarded an MBA from the University of Sussex at the beginning of 2015. In May 2015 she became Director General of the World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO). For more information, please visit:

19:00 - Registration and networking
19:30 - The Way You Eat Is the Way You Live by Dalia Maori
20:00 - Comfort break
20:20 - Sugar: The Science behind Facts and Myths by Dr Roberta Re
20:55 - Closing remarks
21:00 - Event close