7 Day Meditation Challenge – Investigate the Mind with Rachel Bonkink

Monday, 05 October 2020
07:00 BST
FREE to all

Come and join us in our Facebook Group for a 7 Day Meditation Challenge with Rachel Bonkink. Rachel will be with us every day from Monday 5th of October to teach and guide us the ways of meditation.

In this 7 Day Meditation Challenge we will investigate the mind. To get a sense of why we do the things that we do. Meditation is the ultimate tool to increase our mental health and create more awareness in our daily life. Scientific evidence proves that meditation can be helpful to fight chronic illnesses and increase our mental stability. Meditation is a way to establish or re-establish your body-mind connection and to start feeling better, day by day.

Every day we will follow the same pattern to get you into a routine, to establish patterns and to gently guide you through. After a short introduction, we will do several breathing exercises and we meditate together.

In Rachel’s teachings, there is a strong influence from Tibetan Buddhism and the Yoga philosophy.
This means that Rachel will introduce shamatha (concentration) and vipasyana (insight) techniques, as well as concentrative techniques from the Yoga traditions over the course of 30 days.
We will take the time to zoom into different techniques.
Different types of meditation and breathing techniques will have different benefits and you will notice the difference.

This 7 Day Meditation Challenge is for both seasoned practitioners and for beginners. Even for people who have never meditated before! You will learn new breathing techniques and experience how this can profoundly lower your stress levels.

Meditating together is a powerful and transformative experience.
And, Rachel can assure you that you will feel better after these 7 days.
‘Everything you need is already inside of you’, you just need to show up.


Starts on Monday 5th October to Sunday 11th October.


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Who is it aimed at:

All levels – beginners to advanced


FREE for all in the Rising Network Facebook Private Group

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About Rachel Bonkink: Rachel Bonkink is no ordinary yoga teacher. She holds a Masters Degree in Commercial Sciences and a long corporate career as an operational director. She has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been a life coach for over 10 years.
She specializes in organizing and hosting the most amazing yoga retreats, from Costa Rica to Scotland, from France to Morocco, leading groups, teaching yoga and relaxation in stunning locations and inspiring people to embed the principles of yoga into their everyday lives. In 2020, she added online retreats and meditation challenges to the real life experiences.
From the very start of her own yoga journey, the philosophy of yoga resonated with her more than any individual asana, or posture. She has continued to read, study and train to deepen her knowledge of yoga and meditation. Between retreats she lives in Portugal, where she can be found by the beach writing, studying and enjoying life, doing the things

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