6 Week Online Course: The Monday Revolution – Seize control of your business life

Thursday, 10 September 2020
14:00 - 15:00 BST
£0 - £270 + Fees

Become part of the Monday Revolution and seize control of your business life. The Monday Revolution is a state of mind to apply on the first day of the week. It’s a metaphor for recognising that some things need to change in your life – enabling you to seize control. It’s an approach that relies on simple steps to achieve smart ways of getting things done, immediately. Like every revolution, there is a manifesto with six principles to focus your mind on.

In this six week online course you will learn first-hand from author and founder David Mansfield the six principles from his book, ‘The Monday Revolution’.



The enemy of effective working is procrastination. What is wrong with now?
Learn how to harness the power of immediacy, be able to recognise the ordering of key tasks and identify what needs doing when.


It’s always in short supply and not easily stored for another day. An invaluable resource. The revolutionary spends their time on the right things each week to improve the chances of effective results and maximum satisfaction.
Learn how to find 50% more time in your working week, be able to seize control of your working week and do more by working less all by doing the things that really matter.


Revolutionaries are mission clear. Too many moving parts and you’ll increase the chance of failure. Avoid the trap of trying to solve complex problems with complex solutions. Whatever you’re doing or saying, keep it simple.
Learn how to understand the breakdown method, what effective communication is, what a simple analysis of interdependencies is and how it recognises what depends on what.


Around you there are many examples of better ways to solve your own problems and create compelling opportunities. Learn to look outside.
Learn how to identify issues and problems that are holding you back. Be able to prioritise challenges and what will improve when they are solved. And where to look for the answers.


Sometimes there will be little to go on. But this is rare. More likely, the facts are there, but overruled by emotions. Be strong. Look for evidence to back up decisions. Before you decide, how do you really know?
Understand how to overcome our cognitive responses, where to look and test the integrity of evidence and how to build evidence into everyday decision making.


Revolutionaries never win without belief. Neither will you.
Learn how to be more ambitious in their business planning, how accountability and milestones are important to a business and what tools are needed for positive thinking and dealing with adversity.

Who should attend?

  • Decision-makers in a business/senior leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups


This course starts on Thursday 10th September 2020 and ends on Thursday 15th October. Each online session starts at 14:00 – 15:00 BST.

  • Thursday 10th September: Now, not later
  • Thursday 17th September: Invest time wisely
  • Thursday 24th September: Simple, not complicated
  • Thursday 1st October: Find better ways
  • Thursday 8th October: Evidence-based decision making
  • Thursday 15th October: Positive Mindset

The Monday Revolution (RRP £12.99) book: We recommend purchasing the book ahead of the course. Receive 50% off using the code: RISING20. BUY HERE 

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About David Mansfield: 

David Mansfield’s advice is widely sought. From startups to established organisations. All looking for outside help to solve those tricky everyday problems. And there isn’t too much he hasn’t seen.
His early career in the commercial operations of the advertising and media industries exposed him to the best and worst excesses of the business world. Eventually leading Capital Radio PLC, he ran the team that built one of the most admired and successful businesses of its era. But it wasn’t easy because business isn’t a steady state. Successfully navigating the ups and downs, celebrating triumphant moments and keeping your nerve when the world comes unexpectantly crashing around you defines leadership.
David’s many years of experience encompasses a wide range of companies and sectors. From start-ups to global organisations, they all feature in David’s personal Monday Revolution. Retail, research, events, digital transformation and corporate finance to name but a few.
In an early life driven by an ambition to succeed, David developed an understanding and determination to challenge the established order. Although a past Visiting Fellow of the University of Oxford’s Said Business School and Visiting Professor in Cass Business School, David’s progress from factory floor to successful business leader is where he learnt the hard yards.
His mission is to build a movement of like minded people who don’t rest on their laurels but constantly search for better ways to get things done. Now!

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