Darshna Parmar
I am a reader of vibration. A Vibration is a state of consciousness from which thought arises, an emotion (energy in motion). Thoughts then create a belief which transpires into form. Through energy transference, i can see and feel, the current creative ability of what the client is desiring, but is not able to manifest for various reasons such as illness, or unconscious beliefs, these all affect DNA as each of our cells has its own vibration quality through memory from ancestry. Through the various methods of healing bespoke to the clients spiritual openness, i help to facilitate the healing process and turn the desire into tangible reality. From personal fulfillment to creating a child.
Thursday 12 January 2017 at 2:30pm

Default Infertility

The body is always on a default setting known as unconscious memory which plays directly into the cellular codes. which provide DNA settings switched on or off according to the mind status. Our desire of health needs to match the belief of the body. The body plays a tune to the music set by your lineage. An experience you wished as a soul to discover a part of you as a lesser being only then to expand to a higher knowing so you can create  a better life through conscious awareness. The brain does not have feelings it there fore …