Hilary McLellan
Having dug deep in her own life, there’s no surprise that Hilary’s professional expertise encompasses coaching resilience and emotional intelligence. She has most definitely walked her talk.

From a talented full-time ballet student who grew too tall to dance professionally, to rebellious PA; impoverished stable girl to solo parent on benefits, Hilary has pulled through some tough times.

Life’s twists and turns, challenges and sacrifices are the building blocks of resilience. And for Hilary, this deep-rooted and highly-valued skill has helped her bounce back from setbacks and emerge stronger, more cogent and motivated. When coaching clients, she helps them hone those very same skills in order to flex and adapt during times of change or pressure.

“It’s tough because it’s about showing your vulnerability,” she admits. “We like to think we’re real but a lot of people spend time covering up and pretending to be something they’re not. Being your authentic self takes courage.
Thursday 30 September 2021 at 7:17pm

Compassion: understanding the principles and how to cultivate it

Compassion Focused Coaching

In November, I will be teaming up with Dr Ashleigh McLellan to explore ways we can develop compassion in coaching practice to enhance behavioural change and wellbeing.

We’ve worked together to create a unique two day online course for coaches who coach for behavioural change and want to learn and practice a ‘Compassion Focused Coaching’ approach.

We’ve found that by combining organisational behaviour, clinical psychology and coaching, we have the ingredients that will lead us to be the best version of ourselves under intense pressure.

All our work around emotional intelligence and compassionate mind training is central to how we can present our best selves as coaches, while also ensuring that our clients are supported in order to develop and be their best self.

Developing a compassionate mind…

Regularly the biggest challenge faced in behavioural change is our own self-critic, what it says, how it says it and the values and beliefs it forms in our deeply set unconscious behavioural habits.

The first step is to release our ability to bring about the change we want. This happens when we develop a compassionate mind.

Compassionate, people-centred leaders are ahead of the game and at the forefront of developing the new generation of competitive advantage. Far from being ‘soft and fluffy’ or a weakness, compassion guides leaders to be courageous, strong and emotionally intelligent.

The workshop…

Over two days, we will explore and deepen your understanding of the basic principles of compassion, taking part in experiential learning, using psychological models and exercises to develop your own self-compassion.

We will also address recognising the steps you can take to cultivate compassion through your coaching practice so you can practice coaching using a selection of the models and exercises from day one.

A bit about us…

I’m Hilary McLellan, an Organisational Behaviourist specialising in organisational psychology and behavioural change. I create bespoke coaching and personal development programmes for CEOs, exec boards, high-performing teams and senior managers across the UK.

Dr Ashleigh McLellan is a consultant Clinical Psychologist, founder of Ubuntu Psychology. She specialises in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) using this approach to facilitate individuals reaching their potential, as well as to help those suffering with severe and enduring mental health problems.

What to do now…

Book your place and explore and deepen your understanding of the basic principles of compassion. If you get in touch with me via email, a special 10% discount offer is available if you quote ‘Rising Network’.

An Advanced Level option takes place in February 2022 for those who complete this Entry Level. It will help expand and build your compassion skills and cultivate it through coaching practice.