Corporate Membership

‘Corporate, Medium to Large Enterprises’ – You are an organisation, university, charity or institution who support women, gender diversity and work life balance. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), raising the awareness of important causes, supporting gender diversity and achieving gender balance is important within your organisation and by becoming a member of the Rising Network you will help to accelerate the pace of change and gender parity required to improve economic growth by supporting women in their development. Gender equality helps to:

  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Strengthen customer orientation – Women are key consumer decision makers
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve decision making and productivity
  • Enhance your company image


  • Discount on corporate programs and workshops delivered to staff in house and onsite – contact us for more information about our corporate workshops which can be delivered to women or for all employees
  • FREE to attend events for employees and discounted member rates for courses
  • Individual online licenses for every woman within your company
  • Become an Advocate – become a champion of change and be involved in shaping future events
  • Highlight your expertise, create your own company profile online to promote the business and its services
  • Raise your profile by sharing press releases, latest news and reports online
  • Promote your own events online and have them featured within the network
  • Featured in our social media channels
  • Host an event for the network or be considered as a featured speaker
  • Sponsor an event at a discounted rate
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